Meet the brilliant minds behind our creative agency! This team is made up of a diverse group of experts who are passionate about all things digital. From creative writers to social media gurus to coding wizards and graphic designers, everyone is packed with talent and creativity.

Kumar Sambhav

Mentor & Business Advisor

They say Mentor, We say Kumar Sambhav, His guiding words of wisdom, we cannot praise enough. Our partner in funds, Our Business Advisor, GFI's Guide and Grace, can't find anyone wiser..

Chahat Jain

Head Of Production

This is Chahat Jain, Green Frog Interactive's creative man, He's the Head of Production & Core Member no doubt in calling him an all-rounder. High aspirations and self esteemed, no one can stop him gleam.

Kuldeep Singh

Co-Founder & Business Development Manager

Here's Kuldeep Singh, our Business Development Manager, He know the whole drill, absolutely better than any other. Strong Motivation and stronger Vision, He's the Company co-founder with precision.

Jagrati Mathur

Co-Founder, General Manager & HR

She's Jagrati Mathur, profiling multiple streams, HR-cum-General Manager, have discipline extreme. With the hopes high and head low, She co-founded the Company and making it glow!

Vidushi Swami

Senior Graphic Designer

This is Vidushi Swami, Senior Designer of Graphics In the Metaverse, there's no Pixel she can't fix. World of imagination and symphony of colours, Krishna devotion defines the beautiful soul of hers

Deeksha Dugar

Senior Copywriter

Meet Deeksha Dugar, who create copies coated with sugar, She is GFI's Copywriter, making the Brand's Voice Brighter. Her bank of words are always prime, do not doubt her on any rhyme.

Mahima Pandey

Graphic Designer

Introducing Mahima Pandey, our graphic designer, Wonder enormous bold and beautiful ideas by her. She looks into the UI and UX of our designs, and believes in excellence, one pixel at a time.

Ravneet Kaur

Graphic Designer

Meet Ravneet Kaur, the Creative Designer, who knows- Less is more. With Canvas of Dreams, the Magic she brings, tracing Art that ignites, and she secretly sings.

Priyanka Shrivastava

Website Developer + Web Stories Creator

Here's Priyanka Shrivastava, our WordPress developer, An SEO Expert and also web-stories editor. Always high on energy, working head-over-heels, Crowned all-rounder, but fond of making insta-reels.

Shabnam Khan

Website Developer + Web Stories Creator

Here's Shabnam Khan, Our Website Developer- being codes as her tool, Builds Digital World that's so smart and cool. Pro with WordPress and Web-stories she creates, Her efforts and wonders are always in place.

Selva Bharathi

SEO Expert

This is Selva Bharathi, our SEO human, Deal algorithms & rankings with expertise proven. Mastero of keywords to let websites make a grip, she's also a classical dancer, with Paris as a dream trip.

Mahi Baraskar

Content Writer

Mahi Baraskar She's Mahi Baraskar, our Leo Content Writer, With Treasure of Words, she's also a Basketball Stricker. She inspires with stories and messages so sage, A voice that echos, long after the page.

Shivani Bhosale

Website Developer

She's Shivani Bhosale, with big creative brain, GFI's WordPress developer, caressing our domains. Her websites roar with a digital woww... Sure she loves coding and cat's meow!

Chhaya Rai

Senior Back Office Sales Executive

Introducing Chhaya Rai, GFI's Sales Executive, convincing the world effortlessly, where market is so competitive. She's awaiting a plan to Thailand, Whilst converting the leads to make us Grand!

Ayushi Kabra

Back Office Sales Executive

This is Ayushi Kabra, Green Forg's Executive of Sales, She ensures conversion, may it take any caals or mails. Her motivation is never ending, she won't let down clients from being trending.

Pratima Pandey

E-com Sales Executive

Meet our E-com sales executive, Pratima Pandey who brings goods to life, with sales pitch so long. In online stores bringing magic to sales, with leads so strong in every business' tale.

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