Why is  packaging design important?

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Product packaging is one factor to compare against the competition.

1. It sets the stage for your product

Like a red carpet leading you to the big event, packaging can set your product up for success with just one look.

2. Its such an effective communicator

Like another piece of your marketing which can be used to communicate your message to your audience in creative ways, ex. fun copy, call to action, offers, etc.

3. Creates a memorable client experience

Customers don't buy just a product they buy an experience, a lifestyle, and with packaging you can help elevate your client's experience.

4. Customers will feel special and pampered

Most of us are visual creatures if we see something pretty we feel special, cared for, and pampered. 

5. It encourages them to share it online

When I see a product that matches my vibe I can't help but take a picture of it and share it on my IG. And think about it, how many times have you been influenced to buy something because someone post it online?

6. It creates excitement

Don't allow a moment of boredom through your client experience, instead build the suspense and excitement with branded materials that communicate your unique voice.

7. It ultimately positions your brand at the top of your customer's mind

Which is what we want to do from the start, right? Your target audience has a lot on their minds and you want to effortlessly show up as their favorite option.

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