Indian engineering student built an AI model to translate sign language

29 Mar, 2023

Image source : Google

Priyanjali Gupta, a student at Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) in India, has developed an AI-based American Sign Language (ASL) Detector that can identify and translate signs into English in real-time

The model currently supports a limited set of words and phrases, including "Hello," "Please," "Thanks," "I Love You," "Yes," and "No."

She invented the AI model using Tensorflow object detection API that translates hand gestures using transfer learning from a pre-trained model named ssd_mobilenet. 

Gupta was inspired to create the model after her mother challenged her to "do something" with her knowledge and skillset.

Gupta credits YouTuber and data scientist Nicholas Renotte for inspiring her to develop the ASL Detector.