Latest Update

Last year, Google launched the  Product Review Update, which foccused on delivering  relevant and helpful  product reviews in search results. The company is now extending this  approach to cater to all type of search  results with their new Helpful Content Update.

With this update, Google aims to deliver more  original, relevant and helpful content in  search results. Webmasters should focus ob creating more  people- first- content creating content to  satisfy the needs of the viewers while following  SEO best practices.

How  and when will  this update be  launched ?

Google has started rolling out the Helpful  content update this week and it’s estimated to  be completed in the next couple of weeks. The update is starting with English Searches  worldwide and will be extended to other  languages in the coming months. Google has introduced a new site wide ranking  signal under this update that will be taken into  consideration while ranking web pages

What does  this update mean for  AI copywriting tools like Jasper AI?.