Google “Helpful Content Update”- everything you need to know

Google’s helpful content update is the new launch which is going to benefit all the website visitors and to almost all the creators who work for the customer satisfaction by delivering much more user-friendly content truthfully.

Google not only declares such updates with the technical documents but also makes an official public announcement beforehand itself to help its users.

So, let us further deep down into important details on what is “helpful content” update? Which type of websites will get affected by this? What will be its effects? And, do you need to make some necessary changes for this on your website now?

Google helpful content update will change the overall SEO working directions like panda update, penguin update & now similarly helpful content update. It will be a site wide signal as it will impact your whole website. Say if, 30% to 40% of the website is being affected by this then remaining 70%to 60% pages will get affected automatically due to which the traffic of it will fall down.

Why is this update launched?

The new players in this domain may not know this, but, back then in starting of 2000, pillar software’s were used to write articles. In which we were supposed to type a framed article then that software used to reframe that article using various synonyms and sentences rephrasing which gave a new life like appearance to that article. But as we all know, it was of no use because it was declining the content quality and efficiency for the readers.

So, in order to save the contents quality for its users, google launched panda update in 2011 through which the sites which used these sorts of pillar software generated content got penalized by google.

Thus, the ones who were in that phase got their lessons to work hard to create the original meaningful content despite of just mugging on the previous created content in order to generate revenue.

AI Generated Content will get affected

After what we’ve seen, many new trends have evolved with time and the way of crafting content has also changed. Which gave the rise to AI Content that has the efficiency to generate various ideas, place the right density keywords even in a 2500 words article including all the Meta tags and Meta headings. Through this tool the content writing market has seen a boom in the industry since it claimed to rank the website effectively with its content.

AI Content Loophole

Stating the above in the entire process, AI and the creators using this tool do not take into consideration one important aspect that is to make the content as per the reader’s preference and user-friendly.

Rather the main motive has entirely changed to just one thing that is to earn the potential revenue through various other factors like when a visitor arrives and their just one click AdSense revenue is generated in a minute.

Solution to the problem for visitors

To replace such sites google is been launching the new update in 2022 almost after 11 years of panda update which is been named as helpful content update with a relating tagline, i.e. more content by people, for people in search. Which means google wants to remove the over-SEO optimized content from the search engines that is not customer needs oriented.

What is the meaning of helpful content by google?

  • The content you’re writing you should have proper knowledge of it and with due experience which delivers the actual helpful content for the audience. So, basically you need to work on articles which is in your knowledge and on which you can actually give useful content to the site visitors.
  • Your website must’ve some specific purpose for the audience. Like, if it’s about search engine marketing then its specific motive should be publishing focused such specific articles.

But if you’ve various niches under one website that simply means to engage the potential customers to increase the visitors every month to generate traffic, you should better think about it now. You must provide complete information to the users and you can do this only when you’ve full knowledge of it. Mark the words!

  • Follow product review update guidelines carefully. Only by being up-to-date and delivering the useful content which visitors really are looking for will only benefit you after this update is launch.

Which kind of website will get affected?

  • If your website is using content created in bulk for various niches just to generate traffic and earn revenue then your will be affected in a sure shot way!
  • If your website is covering every random topic for your niche/niches then also all the pages of your website will get affected.
  • If your blog/site is using copied content or plagiarized content then you already are in trouble but because of it your entire website will get affected.
  • If you’re using click bait on your website this helpful content update will surely affect your site in a massive way.
  • If you are unnecessarily extending your articles word limit, then after this helpful content update gets roll out your site may get affected.

Highlights of this update?

  1. Your one mistake will harm your site badly.

As of now, we know, helpful content update is a site wide update due to which entire website will get hit at once. For example, if your site has around 1000 pages but google has found 300 affected pages using AI Content then the remaining 700 pages will also be removed from the search engines, which means getting the violated content via this update will lead to removal of the entire pages of the site even if it’s correctly framed.

  • Either it’s new or existing website it’ll get affected.

Since helpful content update is an algorithm based automatic update it’ll run continuously and manual penalty will not be given under any circumstances. Thus, if any website, new or existing will have to face the side effects if it uses or have used the AI generated content in its pages?

How to recover from this update?

No wonder, it’ll take months to recover from this update. So, if you’re getting to know this update after the helpful content update roll out is been done by goggle and you feel your site has been affected then do as follows:

  • Firstly, start with removing all the AI based content from your site completely, which has affected the entire website.
  • Then start publishing useful content for the visitors so that the viewer can be benefitted from it. This way, the site will recover from this update but it’ll take few months for it to work efficiently again for you.

Summing up the helpful content update!

Google helpful content update will start rolling out from the next week and will get completed within two weeks. So, this was something which if you know on time can be handled carefully else you will be under heavy work load pressure after it’s done. So just start working on it for your benefit.

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